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How do Good Dog People maintain a 50% loyalty enrollment rate with Joy?

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Joy's loyalty program enhances customer engagement, encouraging repeat purchases. With Joy, we incentivize customers to return through rewards, ensuring their loyalty. Additionally, Joy seamlessly integrates with our existing systems, simplifying operations and providing valuable insights into customer behavior. This synergy boosts our brand loyalty and drives revenue growth.

By Senior Marketing


Good Dog People™, Singapore's leading online pet store, has partnered with Joy Loyalty Programs to enhance customer engagement and loyalty. With over 40,000 satisfied dog owners served and a commitment to ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable products, Good Dog People™ stands out in the pet industry.  


Leveraging the unique advantages of the pet shop industry, characterized by high customer retention rates, the collaboration with Joy aims to further enhance customer satisfaction and incentivize repeat purchases. Through Joy's loyalty programs, Good Dog People™ endeavors to reward customer loyalty and foster lasting relationships, contributing to the continued success of the pet store in the competitive market landscape.


Good Dog People™ is dubbed as Singapore's best online pet store that provides pet supplies for the discerning, thoughtful and conscious pet owners. They've served 40K+ dog owners in Singapore, and published over 500 petcare articles and videos since 2017. They're also one of Singapore's best rated pet store with over 1,000 5-star reviews. 


Good Dog People advocates a new way of living with dogs through ethically sourced, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable products for dogs and people. They're one of the 22 champions in Singapore pledged to reduce and recycle plastics, paving the way for a circular economy. 100% of their packages are fulfilled with reused cartons or FSC-certified paper bags except frozen food.

Use case #1


Earn Points

Basic features

The challenge

The pet shop industry's high customer retention rate poses both an advantage and a challenge for Good Dog People. To cultivate loyal customers, they must provide exceptional shopping experiences. Therefore, Good Dog People needs a robust loyalty program to manage customer data and offer enhanced experiences such as point accumulation, redemption, and exclusive rewards.


Furthermore, as a leading store in the industry, Good Dog People requires a comprehensive loyalty program that extends beyond purchases and point accrual. It should include various activities to enrich the shopping experience for customers.

The solution

With the challenge of maintaining customer loyalty in the pet shop industry, Good Dog People can leverage Joy's earning points feature to enhance their loyalty program. By offering customers the opportunity to earn points through various activities beyond purchases, such as sharing on social media or signing up for an account, Good Dog People can incentivize engagement and foster stronger connections with their audience. This approach aligns with the need for a comprehensive loyalty program that goes beyond traditional point accrual, providing customers with more ways to interact with the brand and earn rewards. 


Through Joy's earning points feature, Good Dog People can create a dynamic and engaging loyalty program that meets the evolving needs of their customers while addressing the unique challenges of the industry.

Use case #2


VIP Tier

Point Redemption

Point Earning

The challenge

The challenge for Good Dog People lies in maintaining customer satisfaction across both their online and offline purchasing channels. Good Dog People must ensure that their customers have exceptional experiences when shopping, whether it's in-person at their physical stores or online through their e-commerce platform.  


This requires them to offer a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey, addressing the unique needs and preferences of pet owners at every touchpoint. Additionally, as pet owners often develop strong bonds with their preferred pet shops, Good Dog People faces the task of fostering loyalty among their customer base.

The solution

To address the challenge of maintaining customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty, Good Dog People has implemented Joy's "Redeem Points" feature as part of their comprehensive loyalty program. This feature incentivizes customers to accumulate points through various interactions, such as purchases, referrals, and engagement with the brand on social media platforms. By offering a diverse range of redemption options tailored to different customer preferences, Good Dog People ensures that every customer can find value in their loyalty program.


Customers can redeem their accumulated points for a variety of rewards, including discounts, exclusive offers. This flexibility allows customers to choose rewards that best suit their needs and preferences, enhancing their overall shopping experience. Moreover, by offering attractive redemption options, Good Dog People encourages customers to engage more frequently with the brand, driving repeat purchases and fostering long-term loyalty.

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