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How Two More Glasses maintains its industry leadership with Joy?

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Joy's loyalty program enhances customer engagement, encouraging repeat purchases. With Joy, we incentivize customers to return through rewards, ensuring their loyalty. Additionally, Joy seamlessly integrates with our existing systems, simplifying operations and providing valuable insights into customer behavior. This synergy boosts our brand loyalty and drives revenue growth.

By Senior Marketing


Two More Glasses has embraced Joy's loyalty program to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth. By leveraging Joy's platform, Two More Glasses incentivizes repeat purchases and fosters customer loyalty through rewarding points and exclusive offers. With Joy's seamless integration and robust features, Two More Glasses has streamlined operations and gained valuable insights into customer behavior, resulting in increased sales and brand loyalty. Joy's partnership has empowered Two More Glasses to strengthen its position in the market and deliver exceptional value to its customers.


Two More Glasses is one of the most active Wine & Spirits importers and distributors in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. We exclusively represent family-owned labels such such as Marquis de Vargas, Allouchery Perversal, and more… 


Two More Glasses made the strategic decision to partner with Joy in crafting and implementing a customer loyalty program. With an extensive customerbase exceeding XXX participants, Two More Glasses sought to enhance customer engagement and foster long-term relationships through rewards and incentives. By leveraging Joy's versatile platform, Two More Glasses aimed to create a seamless and rewarding experience for their customers, ensuring continued patronage and loyalty to their brand.

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VIP Tier

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The challenge

With its prominent position as a leading Wine & Spirits importer and distributor in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, Two More Glasses boasts a loyal customer base that frequently returns for purchases. Therefore, Two More Glasses requires a VIP Tier program to incentivize customer retention and repeat purchases.

The solution

Implementing the VIP Tier program on both Two More Glasses' online and offline platforms offers several advantages. Firstly, it fosters a cohesive customer experience, allowing patrons to seamlessly transition between the digital and physical realms while enjoying consistent rewards and privileges.


Additionally, this omnichannel approach enhances customer engagement and retention by catering to diverse shopping preferences. Moreover, by incentivizing repeat purchases and higher spending, the VIP Tier program contributes to increased sales and revenue for Two More Glasses. 


Two More Glasses' VIP Tier comprises five levels: Basic Member, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Trade VIP. While Basic Member does not enjoy any privileges, the subsequent four levels offer discounts on total purchases. The higher the tier, the greater the discount, with Trade VIP members receiving a 10% discount on their orders. This strongly incentivizes customers to make repeat purchases to qualify for tier upgrades. 


Overall, integrating the VIP Tier across online and offline stores maximizes its impact, ensuring a comprehensive loyalty strategy that strengthens customer relationships and drives business growth.

Use case #2


VIP Tier

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Point Earning

The challenge

The challenge for Two More Glasses lies in expanding its reach to new customers while simultaneously strengthening its bonds with its existing clientele. With the dynamic and competitive landscape of the wine and spirits industry, maintaining customer loyalty and attracting new buyers presents a significant hurdle for the company.  


Additionally, Balancing the acquisition of new customers with the retention of loyal ones is crucial for sustained growth and success in the industry. This is one of the prerequisites to maintain a leading position in the industry.

The solution

The "Refer your friends" feature serves as a powerful tool for Two More Glasses to leverage the existing customer base for organic growth. By allowing customers to effortlessly share their unique referral link with friends, the store creates a pathway for existing customers to become advocates, essentially turning them into brand ambassadors. As friends sign up and make successful purchases through these referrals, customer having referral link will receive a reward of a 2% discount coupon.


This solution not only encourages existing customers to remain loyal but also expands the customer base through word-of-mouth marketing. Additionally, it helps Two More Glasses tap into new customer segments that may not have been reached through traditional marketing channels. Overall, the "Refer your friends" feature addresses the challenge of maintaining a leading position in the industry by harnessing the power of customer advocacy and incentivizing referrals.

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